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International Number Application Service

International Number Application Service


Customer needs, how to solve them?


  • Customers need to use a local 400 number to answer calls. We recommend using the 800 number, which can provide a one-stop number selection service for 160 countries.


  • Customers need to make calls to local users outside the country. We recommend using a local DID number, and we can also provide the number selection service for 130 countries.


  • Customer wants access to monthly billing statements? Billing details are sent out on the 5th of each month for easy payment


  • Customer wants monthly billingNo problem. 2000CNY deposit required.



Inbound + Outbound calls: Enterprises have applied for a local DID number in the US and UK, and customers can join a conference call with the enterprise by dialing this DID.


  • Need to apply for an overseas 800/DID for use


  • Enterprises that need to join conference calls with overseas customers.


  • Customer Industry


                       Cross-border Tourism

                       Cross-border Finance

                       International Trade

                       Cross-border Hotel





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